Indonesia’s culinary is blessed with thousands of year-long history, making it one of the world’s most desired foods. The multicultural heritages that stretch along the archipelago contribute to the abundant variety of its traditional dishes. In the latest development, the popularity of modern Indonesian cuisine has gained its pace, especially in a big city such as Jakarta. Most urban and young people, with an upscale skirt, have seen the truest potential of the local authenticity and demand for such delicacy to complement their important moment. This creates a unique demand, which has not been fulfilled at the fullest.

Luxurious Indonesian cuisine comes in a very beautiful yet complicated manner. It’s the ingredient complexity whose brings the authenticity of the foods. The preparation of a single fresh dish may take more sweat than a lengthy marathon. Hence, to cater luxurious Indonesian cuisine at your doorstep does not come cheap. This was the reason behind the creation of Ruma Catering. Ruma Catering was established to serve the demand for catering opportunity, anchoring in modern Indonesian foods as its specialty. The concept is to propose luxurious Indonesian dishes in affordable prices.

As part of Griya Group that specialist in hospitality and restaurant business, our experience and professionalism have brought Ruma Catering the ability to offer a diverse array of services at affordable cost.